Quick tip for the cPanel.

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the buttons in you cPanel area, you can close the boxes so you only see the headings.  On the right hand side of the headings bars you will see a "-" (minus sign), click on this and it will minimize the box to just the headings and the "-" will be changed to a "+" (plus sign).  To see the contents of the box, just hit the "+" and everything in that box will be revealed.

Another thing you can do with the boxes is move them around so that the ones you use most are near the top.  Simply click and hold the header of the box, where the names of the boxes are and the mouse pointer will turn into a cross.  While holding down the left mouse button move the box up or down and when you see a box with dotted lines release the mouse and the box will drop into place.

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